""to educate and inspire all to achieve more through a culture of constant improvement"


"righteousness, courage, kindness, respect, honor, honesty & loyalty"


1. White or royal blue Gis only. 
2. Keep your stripes to your left;
3. Do not attend class in case of contagious sickness or infection (cold, ringworm, staph infection, etc);
4. Keep fingernails and toenails short (men and women);
5. Long hair must be tied with elastic band before practice;
6. Remove all jewelry before practice (ring, wedding band, earring, necklace, etc);
7. Avoid being late, and make sure being late is not a habit. If late pay your 20 sprawls;
8. Bow before entering and exiting the mat;
9. Greet your Sensei and all black belts;
10. Keep attentive and in silence while instructions are given;
11. No cell phone during class. If you need to use it in an emergency, communicate with your Sensei;
12. If you need to leave the mat during class, use the restroom or drink water, talk with your Sensei;
13. Refrain from stepping barefoot outside the mat;
14. Aggressive tones and profanity are prohibited;
15. Demonstrate courtesy by not inviting higher ranks to roll;
16. When rolling close to a teammate, the lower rank moves away;
17. Turn to the outside of the mat to fix your Gi and belt;
18. Control your emotions at all times. Stay humble and respectful winning or losing;
19. NO SIDELINE COACHING  Parents must remain in silence and refrain from talking to the students during class.