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Did you know most parents transfer their personal fears and limiting beliefs to their child?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

It is a natural behavior for parents to protect their child from challenges and failures. However, learning how to deal with these challenges and failures is an important part of the maturation process. It is since a young age they will learn how to respond to these situations. You as a parent is responsible for guiding them towards a positive mindset, and good Martial Art school can assist you with that.

Do you know any adult that when challenged becomes depressed and develop intense self-doubt? Extreme self-doubt will prevent them from succeeding. If they become afraid of failing, they will avoid any situation that can possibly provoke that failure emotion. Remember that famous quote “no risk, no reward”.

Failure should be seen as part of the learning process and as an opportunity to make adjustments for the future. Failing should not be seen as something negative. If you never enter a competition how could you possibly win?

Building their confidence is essential to this process. You are responsible for instilling this mindset on your child.

Raise your child to their full potential and not for yourself.

From one lucky child to you.

Sensei Leandro Lorenco

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