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Parenting and Discipline!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Parenting a child is no easy task. It’s often very stressful, but remember, everything you teach them, they will carry on to their adult lives. What are you teaching your kids on a daily basis that will benefit them in the future?

Here is my suggestion: encourage them to have discipline and commitment with whatever they decide to do. Encourage them to have a positive pattern of behavior. Teach them to be achievers, not quitters. They don’t need to be perfect, just work to be better than yesterday.

Attending their martial arts classes regularly is one example. Teach them to have commitment with themselves to be better every day, and if they miss that class, they will be one step behind of where they could have been.

You, the parent, also need to have discipline and bring your child to class. Kids learn by example, and if you allow yourself to skip some classes, your child will be learning that it is ok to do so.

Although not recommended, it is inevitable that they will compare themselves with other kids that are coming consistently to class, and the fact these kids are improving and your kid is not can be frustrating and many times become an excuse to stop practicing. Instead of helping to build their confidence, insecurity will take over.

Successful adults are masters in discipline, and the good news, it is a learnable skill. Teaching your kid how to be disciplined, and implementing a routine on their lives since young ages is essential to make them successful adults.

“Discipline will keep you going when motivation fails”.

By Sensei Leandro Lorenco

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